Bunkey's detail department can make your car look great!

Simoniz Buff Waxing

We start by vacuuming the interior, dusting the dash & console, and cleaning the windows. Then we hand scrub the wheels/rims and wash your car in our all cloth washing system. Next we use an orbital buffer (the safest for your car's finish) to apply and remove the Simoniz cream wax getting all the small areas by hand (including under door handles, grill area, and lower bumper parts). It normally takes about 2 hours. Prices start at $80. Call us for an appointment. 481-2722



Interior Steam Cleaning

With the complete interior steam cleaning we first vacuum and wash your car. Then we use a hot chemical extractor to clean all of the floors, mats, seats (front & back sides), and any cloth on the door panels. After that we steam clean door panels, dash, console, and drink holders with a Eurosteamer. A complete interior deep down clean. It normally takes about 3 hours.  Prices start at $90. Call us for an appointment. 481-2722